K2K -from KEK to Kamioka- Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment

Figures / Photos of the K2K experiment

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Display for Typical Neutrino Events in Super-KAMIOKANDE

Firstly observed neutrino event at Super-Kamiokande. See news release.

Typical Neutrino Event (3D Image by T.Barszczak)

Typical Neutrino Event

Schematics of the K2K Experiment

The neutrino beam generated at the KEK lab is sent through the earth to Super-Kamiokande.

Neutrino beamline apparatus & detector layout

Layout of PS and neutrino beamline

Front Detector System

Far detector : Super-Kamiokande

Magnetic HORN system

Neutrino Beamline at KEK (with courtesy of Kashima co.)

Inside of Neutrino Beamline (Photo by T.K.Ohska)

Inside the 1 kiloton water Cherenkov detector at KEK (ICRR).

Magnetic Horns settled in the target station (Photo by T.K.Ohska)

Neutrino Experimental Hall at KEK (Photo by T.K.Ohska)

Scinitillating Fiber Detector (Photo by T.K.Ohska)

Super-KAMIOKANDE (ICRR). 11,200 of PMTs surronding the inner water tank.

Display for Typical Neutrino Events for Front Detectors

Offline Fine-Grained Detector Display

1kt Online Event Display

Collaboration group photo

Collaboration photo (1/2004)
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