For invited speakers, housing will be either in OKURA FRONTIER HOTEL TSUKUBA EPOCHAL or HOTEL GRAND SHINONOME(Japanese page only). Reservation will be made by the organizer. Both hotels are located at the center of Tsukuba City.

During the Workshop, transportation between these hotels and KEK will be provided. Although these hotels are within a walking distance from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal where most of foreign participants will arrive from Narita Airport by direct bus service, it is recommended to take a taxi at Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal to reach your hotel. If your hotel is OKURA FRONTIER HOTEL TSUKUBA EPOCHAL, you must tell the name of the hotel correctly to the taxi driver because there is another hotel, OKURA FRONTIER HOTEL TSUKUBA, near the Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal. For your infomation, EPOCHAL TSUKUBA is an international congress center in the Tsukuba City, but our Workshop will take place at KEK.

Because of the entrance examination of Tsukuba University on February 25, all hotels in the Tsukuba area and Tsuchiura area will not be available except block of rooms in the above mentioned hotels. In these hotels, a limited number of rooms are still available. Those who wish to stay in these hotels, please contact seesaw(at)