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1st day: December 13th (Thursday)
08:20 -
Registration desk
08:50 -  Welcome address H. Sugawara(KEK)(10')
Session 1. Objectives and Motivations (Chair: Sakuda 09:00- / Akaishi 13:25-)
Precise measurement of neutrino oscillations and the systematic errors of the neutrino-nucleus interactions
09:00 Overviews and K2K/JHF Y. Itow(ICRR) (30'+5')
09:35 Physics-related uncertainties of the oscillations results from MINOS A. Para (FNAL)(20'+5')
10:00 Tau appearance and CNGS M. Komatsu(Nagoya U)(20'+5')
Coffee Break / Registration desk
10:40 The difference between nu_mu and nu_mu_bar cross sections and the effect on CP measurement in superbeam and neutrino factory Y. Obayashi (KEK)(20'+5')
11:05 Determination of neutrino oscillation parameters with atmospheric neutrinos and the effect of neutrino-nucleus interactions K. Kaneyuki (ICRR) (20'+5')
11:30   Proton decay experiment and background for Proton decay
* cancelled *
13:25 Supernova K. Langanke (Aarhus) (30'+5')
14:00 Leptogenesis with Majorana Neutrinos E. Paschos (Dortmund) (30'+5')
14:35 Structure functions of the nucleon and nuclei in neutrino interactions S. Kumano (Saga U) (20'+5')
Coffee Break
Session 2. Theoretical Issues of Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions and Nuclear Effects (Chair: Morfin)
(Nuclear effects in electron-nucleus interactions theory)
15:15 Many-body theory of e-Nucleus interactions V. Pandharipande (Illinois) (30'+5')
15:50 Insight into non-perturbative structure of nucleons and nuclei with neutrinos A. W. Thomas (Adelaide U) (30'+5')
16:25 Resonance region to DIS, q-hadron duality S. Wood (JLAB) (30'+5')
17:00 Modeling DIS Lepton-Nucleon Scattering at all Q2, Higher Twist, NNLO terms and Nuclear Effects A. Bodek (Rochester) (25'+5')
17:30 Electroweak form factors S.-K. Singh (Aligarh Muslim U) (25'+5')
18:20 -
Reception Party
Restaurant Sun-Roll (KEK)

2nd day: December 14th (Friday)
Session 3. Theoretical Issues of Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions and Nuclear Effects (Chair: Walter)
(Neutrino-Nucleus interactions)
08:50 Low Energy Electron-Nucleus DIS Experiments at JLab and Hermes E. Kinney (Colorado) (25'+5')
09:20 Neutrino Interactions at low and medium energies E. Paschos (Dortmund) (30'+5')
09:55 Effects of the nuclear correlations on the neutrino-nucleus interactions J. Marteau(Lyon, IPN) (30'+5')
Coffee Break
Session 4. Overview of the existing and new data on neutrino-nucleus interactions and their uncertainties (Chair: Walter 10:45-, Itow 13:10-)
10:45 Low multiplicity final states in neutrino interaction at low energy -- SKAT results V. Ammosov (IHEP) (25'+5')
11:15 Results From Low-Energy Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Experiments M. Sakuda (KEK) (20'+5')
13:10   Systematic Errors in Flux Determinations and their Effects on Cross-Section Determinations
* cancelled *
13:45 Total cross sections and structure functions for neutrino interactions in 3-30 GeV energy range and near plans for 1-5 GeV energy range A. Vovenko (IHEP) (25'+5')
Coffee Break
14:30 A study of nuclear effects in neutrino interactions with the NOMAD detector M. Veltri (INFN, Firenze) (25'+5')
15:00 CC inclusive distributions from K2K near detector T. Ishida (KEK) (30'+5')
15:35 Study of quasi-elastic events and nuclear effects with K2K fine-grain detector C. Walter (BU) (25'+5')
16:05 New NC data from K2K 1kt water Chrenkov Detector C. Mauger(SUNY) (25'+5')
16:35 Study of neutrino backgrounds to nucleon decay searches using K2K 1kton detector data S. Mine (UCI) (25'+5')
17:05 New NuTeV result on sin2(theta_W) K. McFarland(Rochester) (15'+5')
Dinner (Optional)
**   Informal meeting on MC generators (D. Casper et al.)  
**   Informal meeting on Benchmark calculations (R. Seki et al.)  

3rd day: December 15th (Saturday)
Session 5. MC generators and Theoretical Calculations
Session 5-1. Comparison of MC generators (Chair: Casper)

Session 5-1 was at R345, 3rd floor in the same (KEK 4th) building.
08:50 Introduction and NUANCE D. Casper (UCI) (25'+5')
09:20 NEUT (SuperK/K2K) Y. Hayato (KEK) (15'+5')
09:40 CHORUS I. Tsukerman (CERN) (15'+5')
10:00 Nomad/Icarus A. Rubbia (ETH Zurich)(15'+5')
10:20 Icarus F. Cavanna (L'Aquila)(10')
Coffee Break
10:50 Neugen (MINOS/Soudan II) H. Gallagher (Minnesota) (15'+5')
11:10 MiniBooNE G. Mills (LANL)(15'+5')
** Nabucco(OPERA) J. Marteau (Lyon, IPN) 
11:30   Summary of MC generators D. Casper (UCI)(20')
Session 5-2. Benchmarck theoretical calculations (Chair: Seki)
Seminar Hall (Bldg.No.4)
13:10 - G. Martinez-Pinedo    
13:30 - H. Nakamura    
13:50 - J. Marteau    
14:10 - G. Co'    
14:30 - S.-K. Singh    
14:50 -   E. Pascos    
15:10 -   P. Lipali    
Coffee Break
Session 6. Panel Discussion (Chair: Seki/Casper)
15:50 -   Summary of comparison of benchmark calculations R. Seki  
16:20 - Fermi gas G. Miller  
16:55 -   Correlation/final-state interactions V. Padharipande  
17:35 -   Pion production H. Toki and S. Wood 
18:35 -   Current conservation and exchange current K. Kubodera  
18:55 -   The universal neutrino-nucleus MC code D. Casper  
Discussion (Refreshment)

4th day: December 16th (Sunday)
Session 7. Future experiments and facilities (Chair: Para)
08:50 Merits/disadvantages of the existing neutrino beams (K2K, CERN, FNAL-Booster, FNAL-NuMI,....) A. Rubbia (ETH Zurich)(25'+5')
09:20 New near detector of K2K, its physics goals and potential A. Ichikawa (Kyoto) (25'+5')
09:50 Experimentation at JLAB: what are the existing facilities/experiments, potential for modifications and upgrades, potential for new initiatives S. Wood (JLAB)(25'+5')
Coffee Break
10:35 Near detector station at NuMI: overview and presentation of NuMI neutrino scattering experiment proposal to be submitted to Fermilab PAC in 2002 J. G. Morfin (FNAL) (25'+5')
11:05 Small ICARUS' detector as potential technique for studies of low energy neutrino interactions F. Cavanna (l'Aquila) (25'+5')
11:35 Summary and Goals for the next NuInt02 P. Lipari (INFN-Rome)

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